We the Great Brotherhood Of Illuminati controlling media, industrial, political, religious and economic of the Globe, knows that there is a spiritual component to life We reference the Christian bible because the things that are happening in today’s world are predicted in both the old and new testament, therefore people knows the Great Brotherhood of Illuminati and New World Order was Announce By The All Ever Watching Eyes Of God and revealed to us in God’s writing.. It is something that modern day science has yet to measure or confirm. But there is a universal field of energy that is the structural foundation for this physical world. Brotherhood Of Illuminati It’s what gives mothers their intuition. It’s what prompts you to think of an old friend, just before they show up. It is a critical element of life. One which should not be overlooked, or abused. But it is there.



Our Great Brotherhood Of Illuminati beliefs do not require homage to any specific entity, as the Brotherhood Of Illuminati beliefs transcend religion. Psychologically speaking, as human beings naturally we like to find the answers to life and we like to understand why things are happening the way they are. Join Illuminati Lodge to unlock the truth about the Universe. That being said, some religions have manipulated some of the truths of light for their own ends. They shroud these truths of the great white brotherhood illuminati in shadow. They do this to provide enough of the light to gain followers, but not enough of the light to provide true illumination. Great order of illuminati, Religion ultimately spreads division, and great white brotherhood illuminati goal is unity.



Our order of illuminati beliefs do not align with any political party or paradigm. Each individual of the order of illuminati is sovereign unto themselves. Simultaneously each individual in the Universe is a part of the order of illuminati society which requires the united efforts of all for the betterment of all. Great Brotherhood Of Illuminati These truths align together to form a complex balance which transcends religion and politics. The confirmation we submit, to prove that our systems transcend politics. The order of illuminati focus is on unity and the good of the people, which is generally counterintuitive to the expected agenda of politics, which seeks to divide and control.

Great Brotherhood Of Illuminati the Illuminati Fraternity is made up of the World Powerful intellectual’s such as Presidents, Kings, Queens, Senators, Governors, Parliamentarian, Pastors, Prophets, Preachers, Engineers, Contractors, Pilots, Spy’s,  Journalist, Doctors, Super Stars, Musicians, Bankers, Basket Ballers, Soccer Players, Fashion Stylist, Drug Cartels, Police Officers, Hackers, Bishops, Cardinal, Pope,  Army Generals And Captains